Bikes, trains, planes and automobiles

想象几乎38,000多学生, 教师, staff and visitors at bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 在 main Davis campus on any given weekday — and 85 percent of them travel here from off-campus. What’s their transport of choice?


On an average weekday, here’s how people get to bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址:

  • 37%的自行车
  • 30%独自驾驶
  • 19%的人乘坐公共汽车
  • 8%的人走路或滑冰
  • 5%拼车
  • 1%搭乘美铁

bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址知道答案! Bikes, feet, skates, cars, buses, trains  — and the very occasional airplane. More than a third of those bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 commuters pedal to campus.

Bikes rule (and rules for bikes)

一旦骑自行车的人进入 largest campus in the University California system, our bike paths make it fast and efficient to get from class to laboratory to a workout at the Activities and Recreation Center.

新手可以了解 bicycle education and advice 在 运输 and Parking Services website so they will know the rules of the road. Safe cycling is one of many 加入的好理由 bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的自行车社区.

The campus’s preference for two wheels has helped the city of Davis earn its “Bicycle Capital of the U.S.“索赔. bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 has also been named a platinum-level bicycle friendly university by the League of American Bicyclists. Both the campus and city promote this “cyclist-friendly” environment.

运输 and Parking Services and the 警察局 are important partners for bicyclists, 确保乘客, 行人, and drivers have a safe and enjoyable experience in their travel.

Many services for bicyclists

阀门提供了一个 number of services for bicyclists. Bike parking, including bike lockers at four campus locations, can be found throughout the campus. We also have showers for commuters and bike-lock cutting services.

The campus maintains bike stations for adding air to tires and making simple repairs.

bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的 自行车谷仓, located next to The Silo on central campus, is a full-service repair shop — and that’s where you can rent bikes if you need temporary wheels.


With nearly a third of commuters coming by car, you would expect that the campus is prepared for automobiles. bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址是,和 停车设施 strategically placed throughout the campus. 司机可安排 停车许可证 通过龙头. bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址还提供 complimentary motorist assistance for anyone coming to campus:

  • 锁定服务
  • 轮胎通货膨胀
  • 开车去加油站
  • 电池跳跃启动